Overnight Oats

Are you bored with breakfast but feel you possess some creative juices? Then this is the recipe for you! All you need is a mason jar, rolled oats, and a good flavor palette. I’ll get you started with the recipe below, but feel free to play with your milks, yogurts, and fruits as well as different spices. Just mix it all up and let it chill overnight. Breakfast has never been easier!

Ingredients for servings

    Overnight Oats

  • 0.5 cup rolled oats certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 1 cup chia seeds

  • 0.25 cup slivered almonds

  • 0.5 cup fresh fruit such as cherries, strawberries, or mango cut into bite-size pieces if necessary

  • 2 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

  • 0.25 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

  • 2 tablespoon maple syrup


  • Place all the ingredients into a mason jar and mix well. Refrigerate overnight, and voilà! It’s ready to go. Eat immediately or enjoy on the road.

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