Make this simple chicken Waldorf salad by Love & Zest for a lunch you can take on-the-go! This recipe remixes leftover rotisserie chicken with common ingredients like plain Greek yogurt, orange juice, mayonnaise, apples and onions.

Ingredients for servings


  • 4 cups rotisserie chicken deboned, and shredded (approx. 1/2 small chicken)

  • 1 medium lemon juiced

  • 1 tablespoon orange juice

  • 2 tablespoons 2% plain Greek yogurt

  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise

  • 0.5 medium Gala apple diced

  • 0.25 cup dried plums diced, or prunes

  • 1 tablespoon chopped green onions

  • 1 cup arugula

  • 4 medium 100% whole wheat tortillas approx. 120 calories each


  • Using a fork, combine the shredded chicken with yogurt, mayonnaise, orange juice, and lemon juice until the ingredients are well mixed. Season with freshly grated pepper.

  • Fold in in apples, plums and onions.

  • Assemble the wrap using the chicken salad mixture, arugula and whole wheat tortilla.

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