Fast And Easy Instant Pot Oats

Cooler temperatures and the general need for quick, nutritious meals leaves us craving comforting, warm breakfasts this time of year. With an emphasis on the word “quick,” it’s time to lean on the Instant Pot. It’s a trendy — and very convenient — kitchen gadget you’ll want in your back pocket, if it’s not already there. We can’t recommend one highly enough. This little countertop machine steams, sautees, slow-cooks and pressurizes (some models even bake cakes and make yogurt!) food to make delicious meals in no time. Today, we’re going to use it for one of the most straightforward purposes yet: oatmeal. This little machine makes hearty, whole-grain bowls a breeze at breakfast because it can cook oats in 8 minutes, plus 5 minutes of natural release, while you’re getting ready for work. (Read: No stirring, burning or standing at the stove!) The steps are simple. Combine liquids and oats, seal the pot, then cook. In the morning you can dole up bowls to your liking. This is a handy strategy whether you’re looking to enjoy the oats straight away or if you’d like to portion the oatmeal into jars and store for an entire week — just reheat and enjoy when you’re ready. A few notes about cooking in the Instant Pot instead of the stovetop: First, if you choose to use a high-fat milk (cow’s milk or coconut milk) then the fat in the milk may separate. It’s also good to note that you won’t need nearly as much liquid to cook oats in the Instant Pot as on the stove, because there isn’t any evaporation during the cooking process. On the stovetop, some of the liquid evaporates as the grains cook. In the Instant Pot, the liquid is simply absorbed. Avoid oatmeal soup by not adding too much.

Ingredients for servings

    Fast and Easy Instant Pot Oats

  • 2 cup old-fashioned oats

  • 2 cup water separated

  • 2 cup milk Dairy milk, almond, hemp, coconut and soy all work.

  • 1 tbsp /each chia seed flaxseed and hempseed

  • 0.5 tsp fine-grain sea salt

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup optional


  • Insert the steamer rack inside the inner pot of of your Instant Pot. Add 1 cup of water to inner pot. In a 4-cup heat-safe bowl, mix together the oats, 1 cup water, milk, salt, maple syrup and seeds.

  • Place the bowl on top of the steaming rack and put the lid on the Instant Pot. Set valve to “sealed” and set time to 8 minutes on high pressure.

  • After cooking has completed, allow the Instant Pot to naturally release for 5 minutes before carefully releasing any additional steam by using a wooden spoon to turn valve to vent.

  • Remove bowl carefully from pressure cooker and then serve oatmeal with desired toppings or allow to cool and store in fridge to reheat as needed.

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