Easy Chicken Taco Salad

Healthy doesn’t have to mean eating plain old grilled chicken breasts everyday. Keep lunch flavorful with The Honour System‘s easy chicken taco salad plate: creamy salsa-ranch chicken breasts and crunchy tortilla chips all over a fresh bed of crisp romaine lettuce! It’s a one-pan wonder that’s ready in 20 minutes or less!

Ingredients for servings

    Easy Chicken Taco Salad

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

  • 2 chicken breasts cut into thin strips

  • 0.5 teaspoon sea salt

  • Freshly ground pepper to taste

  • 0.5 teaspoon chili powder

  • 0.5 cup ranch dressing certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 0.5 cup salsa certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 0.5 head romaine lettuce torn

  • 1 cup crumbled tortilla chips certified gluten-free if necessary

  • 0.5 cup grated cheese


  • Heat the olive oil over medium heat then add in the chicken strips. Coat the chicken in the oil by stirring it well. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and chili powder. Stir over medium heat until fully cooked, about 10 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, stir ranch dressing and salsa together. Reserve 2-3 tablespoons for the greens.

  • Once the chicken is cooked pour the dressing/salsa combo over it, stir well and reduce to a low simmer for 5 more minutes. Stir a few times.

  • Meanwhile, grate your cheese and toss the greens with the reserved dressing.

  • Build your plate starting with the greens, chips, chicken mixture and lastly the cheese.

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